Nantong Hardwareandelectromechanical Limited Company was set up in 1986.It now has 800 workers including engineers with a factory area Of fifty thousand square meters.It has twentyhundred thousand yuan fixed assets and its sales amount comes to eighty hundred thousand yuan every year.The company has been developing rapidly and steadily in the past sixteen year.It is a member of the Association of Building and Decoration of China and is chosen as the advanced enterprise every year.
  It is also appraised as Nantong Star Enterprise and one of the 100 Most AdvancedPrivate Enterprises in Jiangsu.The general manager Pan Daxing is considered as the Model Manager in Nantong.It is the economic entity which specially produces luxurious hardware products for buildingand decoration.We produce different specifications of.copper or stainless steel hinges,bolts,handles, screwsand and locks with a total of 300 ifferent types products.
    Our products are of high quality,elegancec and being able to bear autery. Our products have been tested by authority department of our country and have won the first prize at the Exposition of New Technology and High Quality Products of China. We hold the belief: We satisfy our custmers with high quality and we win the markert with creditstanding. Our products are sold in the USA,Britain, Canada as well as in all the parts of China.